Even a manager has to manage herself


Women are known as a good manager, from early morning to till late night she manage our day. Women are the symbol of scarifies hence, most of the women are always busy in managing their family as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and much more. In this way, she barely takes care of her health. As we know that naturally, women are having less strength then man and also female contain less blood than male. Hence biologically, the female is somehow less powerful than male. In fact, every woman goes through a much gynecological change throughout their life as compared to man. Well, the health of a person should be sound whether she is a woman or a man. In this segment, we are going to discuss the importance of health in the life of women.

Specific health challenges for women

Biologically, women go through various hormonal and gynecological changes throughout their life. There is a very common biological condition such as pregnancy, menopause, uterus fibroid, pelvic floor disorder and other gynecological condition. If we talk about today’s world where the life of women is not limited to the home and household work but they are also supporting their family financially. Here comes the challenge for the women in order to establish a perfect balanced between work, life, and health. Many health challenges are there through which women are suffering from day to day. More frequently, the record says that 33 million of the world population is suffering from HIV/AIDS, in which half of them are women. As we know that our health determines our mental status, emotional quotient, diet took quality sleep, sexual behavior and many more, health is very vital, which should be taken care Maintaining of health is always needed in everyone’s life.

An everyday story of women

In Indian culture, women have to manage all the household activity throughout the day. Women have to take care of her family, in fact, family on dependent on the women. For example, if the mother will not cook, surely we will have to eat in a hotel. Actually, to some extent, our culture promotes that women are made for doing household work and usually forget to take care of her health. Women should eat a healthy food so that their hormonal balance would be better. There are many foods which help in many gynecological diseases, for example, if you are suffering from uterus fibroid then you should include cold water, mackerel, salmon etc in order to reduce this disorder. Low fat- yogurt, fatty fish, tomatoes, orange juice, berries etc should be included in the women diet, in order to resolve a much female health issue.


Health and fitness are really very important for everyone but in the case of women, it is critical. Because if you are women and you are not fit, there would be any problems related to the reproductive system. Actually, there are many specific organs in women body which needs a special care. Women are such a beautiful creature all around the world but if she doesn’t care about the uniqueness then surely there will be many health issues. So today’s women have to maintain the balance between health, work, and family. Among all these heaths is important because if you are healthy then you can organize any other captivity.